We received gold and silver qualification as well at the 2018 Hungarian Germans National Wine Competition

Over 700 wines were rated at the National Wine Competition of the Hungarian Germans, among which several wines from Borgarázs were between the winners!

The best wines were awarded this year at Mecseknádasd, at the National Wine Competition of the Hungarian Germans. Vineries from Baji, Sopron and Szekszárd won the Hungarian Germans’ White Rose and Red Wine 2018 titles. The most outstanding wines and producers competing on the common pattern of the Vine and Wine Producers’ Association of Mecseknádasd and the National Self-Government of the Germans of Hungary were honored this time as well  in a grand award ceremony.

From Sopron to Szekszárd, from Mátraalja to Kunság and to Villány, almost all major Hungarian wine regions were represented at the Hungarian Germans National Wine Competition in Hungary. A record number of 719 wine samples were received, and the jury of 45 experts, divided into nine committees tasted them for two full days. This time the hosts at Mecseknádasd paid great attention to make sure that the wine experts from the different parts of the country could test the purity, smell, character, and flavor of the samples under ideal conditions – informed János Hetényi, organizer of the Wine and Wine Producers Association of Mecseknádasd: – We try to be as unbiased, fair and accurate as possible, so we have developed a unique two-stage jury process years ago. First, we distribute the vast wine pattern between the nine committees, and then the wines that did well in the first round are tasted again by a so-called top jury that measures the finest wines with the same standards. The point is that each wine is given a maximum chance.


Our results:

Chardonnay: Gold Medal –  receipt number 790, with an avarage of 19.10.

Olaszrizling: Gold Medal –  receipt number 789, with an average of 18.75.

Kékfrankos: Silver medal –  receipt number 333, with an avarage of 18.00.