Vinery is a great love of mine, which has become an everyday part of my life for the last 15 years. First, I did thematic tastings, and then as a qualified winemaker, the first successes came. After these I have decided to take winemaking seriously, and it seems that the hard work of the past 15 years is paying off. Thanks to the continuous improvements, we have been able to develop a high-tech 130 hl wine cellar.
Our wine cellar is located in Dunabogdány, in the heart of the Danube Bend, our village has an old wine-growing and wine making tradition. Under the old village swab houses, there are a multitude of vaulted wine cellars, which were filled with wine before the phylloxera. In addition to our traditional vaulted cellar, there is a modern small fermentation space available for winemaking.
Dunabogdány also has its own vine variety, the Bogdányi dinka, which has been planted in our kutyahegyi (dog-mountain) area rising over the village. Most of our plantations are located 29 Km from Dunabogdány, but we plan to create a larger plantation locally.
Furthermore, my goal is to grow ourselves into the outstanding winery of the Danube Bend, we would like our visitors to have a real unique local experience.

Our Grapes

They can be found at the Mogyoród Mountains belonging to the Mátraalja wine region, in the
valley of the Gödöllő Hills. They are located in the Kőrősoldal and Csereslapos vineyards.
We have a total of 2.5 hectares our own land and we buy grapes from an additional one
hectare. The white varieties are typical to this region, but classic blue grapes can also be
also found.

Our varieties:
Bogdányi dinka: 0,2 ha
Királyleányka: 0,3 ha
Olasz rizling: 0,4 ha
Zenit: 0,3 ha
Cabernet Franc: 1,3 ha